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CAST provides consulting services that optimize performance and drive sustainable change. For more than 30 years, CAST has built lasting relationships with our clients by delivering actionable solutions tailored to meet their unique needs.



Fresh Perspectives

CAST Works with Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company (3/14/2016) - In 2015, CAST worked with a Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company to capture and analyze discrete data about the utilization of corporate resources within the Regulatory, Safety & Biometrics group. Over the course of four weeks, CAST captured hundreds of thousands of unique worktime data points from approximately 475 employees.
CAST at the Diversity Alliance for Science (3/3/2016) - CAST recently attended the Diversity Alliance for Science (DA4S) conference in Long Beach, CA. DA4S is an organization committed to the development of and promotion of supplier diversity within the life sciences industry. As a small business, CAST was invited to attend by a recent client sponsoring the event.

News and Events

CASTing an Eye on Wealth Management Newsletter – April 21, 2016 (4/21/2016) - REGULATION / LEGISLATION: "AG 49 Targets Fantasy Returns in IUL Illustrations, Policy Loans" - The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) ushered in a new era in the illustration of indexed universal life (IUL) products last month when Actuarial Guideline (AG) 49 went into effect...
CASTing an Eye on Banking Newsletter – April 21, 2016 (4/21/2016) - ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT: "Yellen Says U.S. Near Full Employment, Some Slack Remains" - Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said she continues to see some slack remaining in the U.S. labor market even as the economy shows “tremendous progress” following the financial crisis and the worst recession since the Great Depression...

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