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CAST [Center for Applied Strategy] provides management consulting services to companies within the financial services industry.  The phrase ‘Applied Strategy’ embedded in our name captures a cornerstone principle of the firm; providing the highest quality of service, customized to each client, resulting in significant and tangible bottom-line performance improvement.


Fresh Perspectives

CAST Leverages ActivityTrak® (10/24/2014) - In 2014, CAST assisted a Top 20 Pharmaceutical Company to capture and analyze discrete data about the performance of corporate resources within the Pharmaceutical Development group. During a four week period, CAST captured approximately 500,000 unique data points, including human, building, equipment, and raw material interactive performance....
CAST Director Published in BAI Banking Strategies (4/15/2014) - On April 15, 2014, BAI Banking Strategies published "Keys to Successful Multichannel Optimization," an article authored by Chris Caulfield, a Director at CAST Management Consultants. In the article, Mr. Caulfield outlines the core objectives that are integral to implementing a successful multichannel strategy, and explores how developing and executing a strategy requires foundational data to ensure that the strategy aligns with channel capabilities, customer preferences, and the bank’s overall strategy and brand promise...

News and Events

CASTing an Eye on Wealth Management Newsletter – January 21, 2015 (1/20/2015) - REGULATION / LEGISLATION: "8 Oddest Enforcement Cases of 2014 " - Office equipment trafficking, a broker who gave client money to charity and more offbeat cases from the SEC and other regulators. Sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up. Every week at ThinkAdvisor, we pore over dozens of enforcement cases from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and other regulators...
CASTing an Eye on Banking Newsletter – January 21, 2015 (1/20/2015) - INDUSTRY NEWS: "A New Congress, a New Chance to Rein In the CFPB" - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau head Richard Cordray is building an empire. Given the vast unchecked power the Dodd-Frank Act gave the agency, why wouldn't he? The CFPB is insulated from congressional and executive oversight and has near-plenary authority...

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